Early childhood education

General information about early childhood education in Raisio

In Raisio, all children are entitled to 20 hours of early childhood education a week. A child, whose parents or guardians either work or study full-time, is entitled to full-time early childhood education. Additionally, a child may be entitled to early childhood education that is more extensive than 20 hours based on the child’s needs.

Early childhood education is arranged for children between the ages 0 and 6 in municipal and private day-care centres, family day-care and as club and park activities. Pre-school education is arranged at day-care centres or at schools. The operations are guided by the principles of the national early childhood education plan and the City of Raisio’s early childhood education plan. An individual early childhood education plan will also be compiled for each child.

A family can apply for an early childhood education place for their child from both municipal and private early childhood education providers. The City of Raisio will participate in the costs of private early childhood education by granting a service voucher to the family.

Applying for a place in early childhood education

A place in early childhood education is applied for via an electronic form, which can be used to apply for both municipal early childhood education and private day-care. A family can request a certain place of early childhood education.

An early childhood education place must be applied for four months before the need for the service begins. If a place at early childhood education is needed quickly, for example due to the guardian finding a job or being accepted as a student, the place must be applied as quickly as possible. The application will be valid for one year. A separate application must be made for each child.

After receiving the application, the service guidance of early childhood education will review the suitable, free places and, if necessary, will contact the family before making the decision. The family’s wishes will always be taken into account, if possible. When the decision has been made, the family will receive information about the place of early childhood education electronically. After this, the family should contact the future early childhood education place and agree on when the child can be brought in to visit the place.

Early childhood education payments and service voucher

The size and income of the family and the agreed number of hours at day-care affect the client fee of municipal early childhood education and the value of the private early childhood education’s service voucher. The child’s age also has an effect on the service voucher’s value. Information about the family’s income is needed to determine the client fee of early childhood education. In Raisio, the highest fee is €289 per month and the lowest charged fee is €27 per month.

Service voucher for the services of private early childhood education

The service voucher is financial support granted by the municipality for a situation where a family chooses a private day-care centre as their child’s place of early childhood education. The service voucher’s value is determined based on the child’s age, hours of care and the family’s income. The city will grant the service voucher to the family, but it is paid directly to the private early childhood education provider. The family will need to pay for the difference between the value of the service voucher and the service price charged by the service provider.

The prices of private early childhood education places vary; please inquire the prices directly from the private day-care centres or family carers.

Club fees

  • A club fee is always €30 per month, absences will not be compensated.

Attachments needed for the client fee of early childhood education

  • a payslip that shows gross salary and income since the beginning of the year
  • an entrepreneur’s income statement
  • other income statements (pension or sickness benefits including a child’s pension, unemployment benefits and unemployment fund payments, maternity benefits, daily allowance of an accident insurance policy)
  • a statement of capital income (interest, dividend and rental income)
  • a student certificate
  • a child support payment/child support statement

These attachments must be delivered prior to the start of the day-care to 
Päivähoitotoimisto, Nallinkatu 3, 21200 Raisio.


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