Reserving a single-family home plot

Marketing the new plots will be launched with a tendering process intended for private individuals. It is possible to buy the plots, and often renting is also an option. After the tendering process, the plots that are still free are available for continuous application process. The plot applications for the next reservation process must be delivered to the technical centre by 4 pm on a Monday of the week preceding the technical committee’s meeting at the latest. If there are several applications for one plot, the person reserving the plot will be decided randomly by a draw. After two rounds of offers, the single-family home plots can also be given to companies. In plot reservations, private applicants will be prioritised over business applicants.

Reservation fee

After the committee has made a reservation decision, the applicant must pay a reservation fee (2.5% of the total sale price) within a period of about one month. If the final transaction or rental agreement will be made within the reservation period, this reservation fee will be paid back. For plots where construction can be started right away, the reservation period is about three months. For other plots, the reservation period continues until municipal utilities have been provided. If the reservation does not lead to a final agreement, the reservation fee will not be returned.

Three years of construction time

The terms of the transaction or the rental agreement follow the city’s usual models. The deadline for constructing a habitable house is three years from the moment of transaction, or from the start of the rental agreement, or from the moment construction is possible on the plot.

Fees related to single-family homes

In addition to the sales price or rent of the plot, other fees apply:

  • Water connection payment €4,000 per plot + 24% VAT.
  • Wastewater connection payment €5,000 per plot + 24% VAT.
    Stormwater connection payment €1,000 per plot + 24% VAT.
  • District heating connection payment €3,360 (0% VAT), for under 600 m3 single-family homes (in plots where the connection is possible). To be paid to Turku Energia Oy.
  • Land parcel fee €900. Will be paid in connection to sales price payment or before the rental agreement is signed.
  • Control, registration and inspection payments of the building, about €1,800–€3,000, depending on the size of the new construction. To be paid immediately after receiving a building permit.
  • Electricity connection fee, about €2,640, to be paid to Caruna Oy. The value-added tax (24%) is included in the connection fee. 
  • Cable TV’s connection fee will be paid to DNA Oy. If the connection agreement is made at the same time with the plot’s transfer deed, the city will grant a discount of €168 to the plot’s sales price or its first rent payment.

Purchasing a rental plot

The person renting a single-family home plot has the option to purchase the plot they are renting.

You can contact the contact person defined below and inquire the purchase price of your plot or report your willingness to buy the plot. You can write a free-form application for purchasing the plot or use the attached form.