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Raisio - a place for growth

Raisio is a vibrant and bustling town on Finland’s west coast. With a total of 25,000 inhabitants and 1,500 businesses, Raisio retains a charming small-town feel while offering a full range of services for residents.

With a long and fascinating heritage, strong history as a trading centre and robust support for enterprise Raisio has established itself as a significant hub in the area.

Raisio offers a high quality of life for all, with its leafy suburbs and a wide choice of properties. Businesses can also choose from a variety of premises and land available for development. A great road network, an airport, two ports and rail links are all located within a ten-kilometre radius of the town.

In Raisio, we have a wealth of opportunities for leisure activities, including beautiful stretches of unspoilt nature accessible from your doorstep, a wide choice of sports facilities in the town area and a cosy marina that serves as a gateway to the most beautiful archipelago anywhere in the world. Come to Raisio and make your dreams a reality!


Raisio - a Place for Growth

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